UK Single - Choise

Release Date Side A Side B Label / Cat No Chart Pos Info
xx.xx.69 Cecilia She's A Man Page One POF 168 - Choise joined with the Golden Hammers to form Showaddywaddy in 1973.
The lineup on this single comprised Don Collins on vocals, Richard Hough on drums, and later SWW members Geoff Betts (Al James) and Trevor Oakes. Dave Bartram replaced Don shortly after the single was released. Romeo Challenger replaced Richard Hough in 1972

UK Singles - Showaddywaddy

Release Date Side A Side B Label / Cat No Chart Pos Info
19.04.74 Hey Rock And Roll You Will Lose Your Love Tomorrow Bell 1357 2  
02.08.74 Rock 'n' Roll Lady I'm A Traveller Bell 1374 15  
15.11.74 Hey Mr. Christmas Rock 'n' Roll Man Bell 1387 13 Featuring children from the National Children's Home, Harpenden, more information of which can be found here.
07.02.75 Sweet Music Windows Bell 1403 15  
09.05.75 Three Steps To Heaven The Party Bell 1426 2  
22.08.75 Heartbeat Lucy Jane Bell 1450 7  
07.11.75 Heavenly Smiling Eyes Bell 1460 34  
30.04.76 Trocadero Teenage Love Affair Bell 1476 32  
16.07.76 Take Me In Your Arms Go Johnny Go Bell 1489 -  
15.10.76 Under The Moon Of Love Lookin' Back Bell 1495 1  
25.02.77 When Superstar Arista 91 3 Issued in picture sleeve
08.07.77 You Got What It Takes Showboat Arista 126 2  
21.10.77 Dancin' Party One Of These Days Arista 149 4  
10.03.78 I Wonder Why Ever Lovin' Arista ARIST 174 2  
16.06.78 A Little Bit Of Soap Maybe Maybe Maybe Arista ARIST 191 5  
16.10.78 Pretty Little Angel Eyes I'm Yours Arista ARIST 222 5  
16.03.79 Remember Then Love For A Star Arista ARIST 247 17  
29.06.79 Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller Five Minutes More Arista ARIST 278 15 Issued in picture sleeve
19.10.79 A Night At Daddy Gee's I Appreciate The Job Arista ARIST 314 39 Issued in picture sleeve
18.04.80 Always And Ever Cool Cool Cat Arista ARIST 339 - Issued in picture sleeve
12.09.80 Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts? Teen Canteen Arista ARIST 359 22 Issued in picture sleeve
01.12.80 Blue Moon Really Goin' Out Of My Mind Arista ARIST 379 32 Issued in picture sleeve
12.02.81 Doo Wah Diddy You Are Love Arista ARIST 393 - Issued in picture sleeve
05.06.81 Multiplication I Wish That I Could Undo All The Bad That I Have Done Arista ARIST 416 39 Issued in picture sleeve
06.11.81 Footsteps Tribute Bell 1499 31 Issued in picture sleeve
19.02.82 Good Timing You Always Stand Me Up Bell 1502 -  
14.08.82 Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp-A-Bomp-A-Bomp) Do It Again RCA 236 37 This single (or at least the A side) was recorded in Miami, Florida during March 1982.
Issued in picture sleeve.
xx.11.82 Goody Goody I Want You To Be My Girl RCA 293 - Issued in picture sleeve
xx.01.83 (You're My) Soul & Inspiration Run For Your Life RCA 312 - Issued in picture sleeve
xx.08.86 Under The Moon Of Love (remix) Rock 'n' Roll Lady 7": Genie GEN 7 - Both were withdrawn after just a short time on release.
Issued in picture sleeve.
Under The Moon Of Love (Try Your Hand Version)
12": Genie 12GEN 7
xx.09.87 Why? Out On The Town 7": Tiger SHOW1 - Out On The Town was a track that was originally performed in TV appearances in 1984. It eventually surfaced on the b-side here, but was somewhat different to that from three years previous.
Issued in picture sleeve.
Out On The Town
Three Steps To Heaven
12": Tiger SHOWT1
xx.xx.90 Rockin' & Rollin' With Santa Claus Sympathy President PT594 -  
xx.xx.97 Rock Christmas (radio edit) Perfect Harmony / Rock Christmas (original version) Choice Of Music - German only promo CD. No cat. number.
xx.xx.06 Three Steps to Heaven - Demon - One track demo (original 1975 version). No cat. number.
xx.04.06 Hey England! (Here We Come Berlin) - Demon - One track demo sent to radio stations. The full single release didn't materialise.

In 1984, the band intended to release two singles, 'Three Good Reasons' and 'Dot Dot Dot', but the band considered them not to be good enough for commercial release.

In 1988, the band recorded and tried to release a single called 'Old Habits Die Hard', but due to problems at the time it never materialised. It eventually saw the light of day as an album track on the "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" album released in 2006.

In 1996, the band intended to release '24 Hours From Tulsa' as a single, from 'The One & Only, Greatest & Latest' album, but again, it never surfaced.

Single - Burglar's Dog

Release Date Side A Side B Label / Cat No Chart Pos Info
xx.xx.81 I Don't Like Rock And Roll No More Mississippi Ultra Phone 6.13181 - Burglar's Dog comprised five members - Bill Gask, Al James and Malcolm Allured from Showaddywaddy, future Showaddywaddy member Ray Martinez, and Rod Greaves.
The A-side is credited to Trevor Oakes, B-side credited to Al James.
It was released in Germany in a picture sleeve, but was not released in the UK.

Dave Bartram (solo)

Release Date Side A Side B Label / Cat No Chart Pos Info
xx.02.83 Black Ice Excitement Utopia UTO2 - The single entered the singles chart on 12.02.83, reaching number 78 and having a 4 week chart run. It does not feature in the 'Guinness Book of British Hit Singles' as when the single was released, the singles chart was officially a top-75 only.
05.09.11 Lost & Found   IHM / IHCD59 - Dave Bartram's solo work recorded between 1982 and 1985 finally released in 2011.
See for further details

Both the A and B side of the 1983 single release were written by Dave Bartram and Phil Wainman. A solo album was also recorded but only one was released. A follow up single (a ballad) was intended to be released in March 1983 but didn't materialise.

Musicians on the album were Bill Bremner, Tony Beard, Danny Schogger and Nick Heyward. It was not released until 2011, due to contractual reasons which meant it was unreleased for nearly 30 years. The master tapes were in Dave Bartram's loft!

Phil Wainman earlier produced two Showaddywaddy songs, namely "Multiplication" and "Alley Oop".

UK Albums - Showaddywaddy

The table below only includes official releases, not budget 'best of'-type albums.

Release Date Title Label / Cat No Chart Pos Track List Info
08.11.74 Showaddywaddy LP: Bell BELLS 248 9 1. Hey Rock And Roll
2. Bony Moronie
3. Johnny Remember Me
4. Temptation
5. Rock 'n' Roll Lady
6. King Of The Jive
7. The Party
8. Cutie
9. Rollercoaster
10. Don't Turn Your Back On Me Baby
11. Windows
12. Glory Woman
Eponymous debut album.

Features 9 originals and 3 covers.

Cass: Bell TC-BEL 248
8-Track: Bell Y9BEL248
13.06.75 Step Two LP: Bell BELLS 256 7 1. Three Steps To Heaven
2. If You Know What I Mean
3. Sing On Louise
4. Big Big Star
5. Chain Gang
6. Blue Jean Baby
7. Three Stars / Rave On
8. The Latest Craze
9. Smiling Eyes
10. Rocker Boots
11. Sweet Music
12. Everybody On Your Feet
Features 9 originals and 3 covers.
Cass: Bell TC-BEL 256
8-Track: Bell 8X-BEL 256
07.05.76 Trocadero LP: Bell SYBEL 8003 41 1. Trocadero
2. Lookin' Back
3. Paint Your Picture
4. Say Mama
5. Go Johnny Go
6. Heavenly
7. Rock And Roll Music
8. Record Machine
9. Take Me In Your Arms
10. Heartbeat
11. Sweet & Innocent You
12. The Young Indian Brave
Released in a gatefold sleeve.

Features 9 originals and 3 covers.

Cass: Bell TC-BEL 8003
8-Track: Bell ?
06.12.76 Greatest Hits LP: Arista ARTY 145 4 1. Hey Rock And Roll
2. Rock 'n' Roll Lady
3. Sweet Music
4. Chain Gang
5. King Of The Jive
6. Trocadero
7, Three Steps To Heaven
8. Heartbeat
9. Heavenly
10. Johnny Remember Me
11. Under The Moon Of Love
12. Hey Mr Christmas
Cass: Bell TC-ARTY 145
11.11.77 Red Star LP: Arista SPARTY 1023 20 1. Dancin' Party
2. '68 Teenage Queen
3. You Got What It Takes
4. Lucy Jane (Part 2)
5. In Above Your Head
6. Sweet Georgia
7. Somethin' Else
8. (You've Got) Personality
9. Feelin'
10. Listen To Me
11. When
12. Maybe Maybe Maybe
13. Swansong
Features 7 originals and 6 covers.
Cass: Arista TCARTY 1023
24.11.78 Greatest Hits 1976 - 1978 LP: Arista ARTV 1 1 1. Dancin' Party
2. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
3. Lookin' Back
4. (You've Got) Personality
5. When
6. You Got What It Takes
7. I Wonder Why
8. Paint Your Picture
9. Somethin' Else
10. You Will Lose Your Love Tomorrow
11. Go Johnny Go
12. A Little Bit Of Soap
Cass: Arista ARTVC 1
02.11.79 Crepes & Drapes LP: Arista ARTV 3 8 1. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
2. Sea Cruise
3. Just A Country Boy
4. Lost
5. That's Rock 'n' Roll
6. Twist & Shout
7. A Night At Daddy Gee's
8. Come On Let's Go
9. That's Alright With Me
10. I Appreciate The Job
11. Win Your Heart
12. Remember Then
Features 4 originals and 8 covers.
Cass: Arista ARTVC 3
01.12.80 Bright Lights LP: Arista SPART 1142 54 1. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts
2. Only Love
3. Blue Moon
4. I'll Never Get Over You
5. Wonderful Dream
6. Doo Wah Diddy
7. I Wanna Take You Home
8. Cool Cool Cat
9. Then Came You
10. Teen Canteen
11. It's Only Make Believe
12. Always & Ever
Features 5 originals and 7 covers.
Cass: Arista TCART 1142
01.10.81 Good Times LP: Bell BELLS 271 - 1. Multiplication
2. Pretty Little One
3. Alley Oop
4. Footsteps
5. Gypsy Rose Lee
6. Good Timing
7. Party Time
8. Shake
9. C'mon Everybody
11. Weekend
12. I Don't Like Rock 'n' Roll No More
13. Good Times
Features 5 originals and 8 covers.
Cass: Bell TC-BEL 271
26.11.81 The Very Best Of Arista SPART 1178 33 1. Hey Rock And Roll
2. Sweet Music
3. Three Steps To Heaven
4. Heartbeat
5. Under The Moon Of Love
6. When
7. You Got What It Takes
8. Dancin' Party
9. I Wonder Why
10. A Little Bit Of Soap
11. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
12. Remember Then
13. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
14. Heavenly
15. Blue Moon
16. Trocadero
17. Doo Wah Diddy
18. Rock 'n' Roll Lady
19. Multiplication
20. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts?
TV advertised
xx.xx.83 Living Legends LP: RCA RCALP 6069 - 1. Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp-A-Bomp-A-Bomp)
2. It's So Easy
3. I Don't Want To Dream Anymore
4. Foolin' Around With My Heart
5. Things
6. (You're My) Soul & Inspiration
7. Little Ole Wine Drinker
8. Goody Goody
9. Don't Bring Me Down
10. Sorry (I Ran All The Way)
11. Mona Lisa
12. Run For Your Life
13. Hey Little Girl
Last album to be released with the original 8 piece line-up.

Features 4 originals and 9 covers.

xx.xx.86 Greatest Hits LP: Genie LP1 -   This album was withdrawn after a short time on sale, just as the Genie single release of "Under The Moon Of Love (remix)" was.
Cass: Genie LC1
xx.xx.87 The Best Steps To Heaven LP: Tiger SHTV 1 90 1. Hey Rock And Roll
2. Sweet Music
3. Three Steps To Heaven
4. Trocadero
5. Rock 'n' Roll Lady
6. Heartbeat
7. When
8. Under The Moon Of Love
9. You Got What It Takes
10. Dancin' Party
11. I Wonder Why
12. A Little Bit Of Soap
13. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
14. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts?
15. Blue Moon
16. Why?
TV advertised.
A video was also released in conjunction with this release, and featured promo videos of some of the band's songs.
Cass: Tiger SHMC 1
CD: Tiger SHCD 1
xx.xx.88 Step 1 to Step 8 LP: SHOLP1 to SHOLP8 -   Eight separate reissues of the band's first 8 albums with different titles and artwork. (Step 1 is the band's debut album 'Showaddywaddy, through to Step 8 'Living Legends'). They were not released on CD.
Cass: SHOTC1 to SHOTC8
xx.xx.91 Jump, Boogie & Jive LP: President PTLS 1112 - 1. Jump, Boogie And Jive
2. Hang Up My Rock 'n' Roll Shoes
3. Hurry Up
4. I'm Walking
5. Nobody Is
6. Tellin' Tales Outta School
7. Red Hot-Tutti Frutti
8. Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie
9. (You're The) Devil In Disguise
10. Why?
11. Another Sad Lonely Night
12. Treat Her Right
13. The Shape I'm In
14. Remember Then / Pretty Little Angel Eyes / I Wonder Why (Medley)
15. Jump, Boogie And Jive (Reprise)
Recorded January 1991 at Monnow Valley Studios, Rockfield, Wales
Cass: President PTLC 1112
xx.xx.96 The One & Only (Greatest & Latest) CD: CMC 8231542
also -
CD: CMC 5215992
CD: Disky SI 646822
- 1. Dancin' Party
2. Heavenly
3. Tossin' & Turnin'
4. Closer To The One I Love
5. Under The Moon Of Love
6. Heartbeat
7. Hey Rock And Roll
8. 24 Hours From Tulsa
9. Three Steps To Heaven
10. When
11. I Wonder Why
12. You Got What It Takes
13. Go Ahead Make My Day
14. Sweet Music
15. Runaway Girl
16. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
17. A Little Bit Of Soap
The more familiar songs on this release are re-recordings.
CD originally only available in Europe, and not available in the UK until later.
It was recorded around April 1996 and released in the autumn.
27.05.02 Hey Rock 'n' Roll CD: Ovation CLAP001CD - 1. Peter Gunn
2. FBI
3. Chantilly Lace
4. Be Bop A Lula
5. Aint That A Shame
6. Dream Lover
7. Rockin' Robin
8. The Girl Can't Help It
9. Move It
10. Bye Bye Johnny
11. Rock Around The Clock
12. I Hear You Knockin'
13. Just Like Eddie
14. Somethin' Else
15. Twenty Flight Rock
16. Weekend
17. C'mon Everybody
18. Sincerely
19. Book Of Love
20. Only The Lonely
21. Cathy's Clown
22. Great Balls Of Fire
23. Peggy Sue
24. Reet Petite
25. Sleep Walk
26. Tell Laura I Love Her
27. Runaround Sue
28. At The Hop
29. Hey Rock And Roll
30. Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay
Internet only release - never available in the shops.
Released to complement Showaddywaddy's 2002 "Hey Rock 'n' Roll" theatre tour.
15.11.04 Hey Rock 'n' Roll - The Very Best Of Showaddywaddy Demon DMGTV 011 54 1. Under The Moon Of Love
2. Three Steps To Heaven
3. Heartbeat
4. Hey Rock And Roll
5. Rock 'n' Roll Lady
6. A Night At Daddy Gee's
7. Remember Then
8. I Wonder Why
9. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
10. Why Do Lover's Break Each Other's Hearts?
11. Who Put The Bomp (In The Bomp-A-Bomp-A-Bomp)
12. Woo Hoo
13. Trocadero
14. Dancin' Party
15. You Got What It Takes
16. Heavenly
17. Blue Moon
18. Sweet Music
19. When
20. A Little Bit Of Soap
21. Footsteps
22. Always & Ever
23. Multiplication
24. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
25. Hey Mr Christmas
TV advertised album - and featuring a newly recorded track 'Woo Hoo' - saw the band back in the album charts again!
12.06.06 I Love Rock 'n' Roll Demon DMGTV 030 - 1. I Love Rock & Roll
2. Motor Bikin'
3. 2-4-6-8 Motorway
4. Hey Girl Don't Bother Me
5. Tiger Feet
6. The Girl From New York City
7. Jungle Rock
8. Spanish Stroll / My Best Friend's Girl
9. Tulane
10. Let's Work Together
11. I Can Do It
12. Crazy Little Thing Called Love
13. Denise
14. Jeepster
15. See My Baby Jive
16. Back Of My Hand
17. Rock This Town
18. I Hear You Knocking
19. Old Habits Die Hard
20. Hey England! (Here We Come Berlin)
An album of new songs, recorded between March & May 2006, except 'Old Habits Die Hard' which is a 1988 recording.
A TV advert was recorded but never broadcast.
Official release date was 12.06.06, but some shops had copies on sale on the previous Monday, 05.06.06.
21.4.08 The Sun Album (I Betcha Gonna Like It) Voiceprint WADDYVP1CD - 1. Lift Off
2. Flyin' Saucer Rock n Roll
Betcha Gonna Like It
Lovin Up A Storm
Tweedle Dee
Uh Huh Oh Yeh
Put Me Down
Who Will The Next Fool Be
My Bucket's Got A Hole In It
Let's Go, Let's Go, Let's Go
Nothin Shakin
Uranium Rock
Apron Strings
Do What I Do
Drinkin Scotch
Find My Baby For Me
Limited edition of 500 copies available with DVD as bonus, featuring Dave Bartram & Danny Willson in Memphis, plus interviews with the rest of the band.

Most of the above albums that were never originally available on CD (ie Living Legends and earlier) have now been re-released on CD complete with bonus tracks. Click here for further details.

Videos / DVDs

Release Date Title Label / Cat No Info
(Original cinema release date)
Three For All Missing In Action V3220 This film, featuring a guest appearance by Showaddywaddy performing "The Party", was made in 1974 released in cinemas in May 1975. It starred Graham Bonnett (who went on to become the lead singer of Rainbow in the late '70s), Robert Lindsay, Paul Nicholas, Richard Beckinsale and Adrienne Posta. It also featured guest appearances from Diana Dors, Arthur Mullard, Hattie Jacques, John Le Mesurier, Roy Kinnear and Edward Woodward. The film was aimed at the 'teeny bop' market and thus granted a 'U' rating. 
It was released on video sometime in the late 80s.
xx.xx.87 The Best Steps To Heaven Legend VC4038 Running time 27 minutes. Available on VHS only. Never re-issued on DVD. Features original promos for:

1. Blue Moon
2. Pretty Little Angel Eyes
3. A Little Bit Of Soap
4. A Night At Daddy Gee's
5. Doo Wah Diddy
6. Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller
7. Always And Ever
8. Why Do Lovers Break Each Other's Hearts?
9. Multiplication
10. Remember Then

Promos were also filmed for You Got What It Takes and I Wonder Why but these did not appear on the video.
26.03.07 Rock And Roll Music Cherry Red CRDVD151 Official release date 26.3.07 but available direct from Cherry Red a month previously.
Features German TV footage of:

1. Rock & Roll Music
2. Three Steps To Heaven
3. Heartbeat
4. Trocadero
5. Under The Moon Of Love
6. You Got What It Takes
7. Dancin' Party
8. I Wonder Why
9. A Night At Daddy Gee's
10. Always & Ever
11. Why Do Lovers Bear Each Other's Hearts?
12. Hey England! (promo)

All footage is from Musikladen, except Under The Moon Of Love which is from Disco, and Hey England which is a 2006 promo.
Also featured is an interview with Dave Bartram, Romeo Challenger & Danny Willson which is over an hour long. The interview was filmed in Leicester on 11.12.06.

30.03.09 Greatest Hits - Live Voiceprint / Respect Records RESPECTDVD5 DVD release of the BBC Showaddywaddyshow from Christmas 1980.
Click here for full details and track listing.
Release date is the date the DVD was available to buy in the shops, but it was available online and at gigs from December 2008.
19.10.09 Live In Germany - 1975 Voiceprint / Waddy Records WADDYVP2DVD DVD release of a live TV studio performance, not seen since its original broadcast on German TV in 1975. Recorded in the Autumn of the same year, it shows the band at the top of their game and performing songs from their first two albums and the forthcoming Trocadero LP.
Official release date 19.10.09, although fans who ordered directly from Voiceprint started taking delivery in mid September.
Click here for full details and track listing.

Budget / Misc. Album Releases - Showaddywaddy

Due to the band's popularity, a number of 'best of' type releases have surfaced on budget labels. Some of these are authorised releases, whilst others were not and sometimes withdrawn from sale. The tracks are not listed below as most releases contain singles, mixed with the odd album track.
Some of the albums listed are European releases, but have found their way onto the UK market. The list is not comprehensive - there are many more out there.

Release Date Title Label / Cat No Info
xx.xx.76 Showaddywaddy LP: MFP 50353 Features a mixture of tracks from the first two albums
xx.xx.78 Bravo Prasentiert: Showaddywaddy LP: Arista 1C 038-61 425 German release
xx.xx.81 Rock On With Showaddywaddy LP: MFP 50504  
xx.xx.81 Showaddywaddy LP: Pickwick SHM 3085  
Cass: Pickwick HSC 3085
xx.xx.81 Showaddywaddy LP: Pickwick SHM 3105  
Cass: Pickwick HSC 3103
xx.xx.82 Die Weisse Series LP: Ultraphone 6.25229 German Release
Cass: Ultraphone 4.25229
xx.xx.85 Under The Moon Of Love LP: MFP 41 5703 1  
xx.xx.87 Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller CD: Object Enterprises ONN 24 Probably the first ever Showaddywaddy CD
xx.xx.87 Sweet Little Rock 'n' Roller: The Collection CD: Object Enterprises OR0043  
xx.xx.90 Crepes & Drapes CD: Castle Legends CLC 5012 European reissue of the band's 1979 album. Track listing different to the original - 'A Night At Daddy Gees' and 'I Appreciate The Job' replaced with 'Blue Moon' from the Bright Lights LP and 'Alley Oop' from the Good Times LP
xx.xx.91 25 Steps To The Top CD: Repertoire REP 4171-WZ German Release
xx.xx.xx Hey Rock 'n' Roll CD: Karussell 511 615-2 German Release. Year of release not known
xx.xx.xx Non-Stop Rock 'n' Roll Megamix CD: Tring GRF187  
Cass: Tring MC GRF 187
xx.xx.92 20 Greatest Hits CD: Tring JHD 017  
xx.xx.94 Rock 'n' Roll Party CD: Charly Records CDCD 1150 European release. Released by Charly Records under the 'Classic Popular' label
xx.xx.94 The Gold Collection CD: Castle Communications CNC 4027-2 German Release
xx.xx.97 The Masters CD: Eagle Records EAB CD 075  
xx.xx.97 The Very Best Of CD: Charly Records CPCD 8287-2 Double CD
xx.10.99 Hey Rock 'n Roll, The Very Best Of Showaddywaddy CD: Music Club International MCCD 408  
xx.xx.04 The Rock Never Stopped CD: Recall SMDCD499 Double CD
23.08.09 Hey Rock 'n' Roll - The Very Best Of Music Club Deluxe MCDLX111 Double CD with brand new liner notes written by Dave Bartram
04.05.11 100 Hits Legends 100 Hits LEGENDS023 5 CD box set featuring liner notes by Dave Bartram, part of the 100 Hits Legends series released by Demon Music Group
02.01.12 Resuited & Booted Cherry Red Digital only release of recordings made by the band in 1996 (ie tracks from The One and Only)